Work outfit: Floral Skirt + Black V-neck Blouse

Recently, I started having trouble picking out an outfit for work. I was looking through my closet when I found this floral skirt that I bought from the Japanese Brand Ank Rouge two years ago. I was surprised that it still had the tag on! I think I bought this impulsively when I was still in college because it was ‘cute,’ and I found myself having a hard time styling it. I have never own white pants or skirts before, so I ended up looking through some fashion blogs to get some inspiration. I decided to pair it with a black blouse and black heels or navy blue flats despite having pink flowers on my skirt. I think it worked out. What do you think?

I went to work like this because my Weather app said it was 72 degrees Fahrenheit. But, SoCal weather decided to be cold and gloomy by the time I got to work.

Top: Yesstyle | Skirt: Ank Rouge | Heels: Steve Madden | Flats: Michael Kors

– Cindy

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