Burberry | The Chelsea – Short Heritage Trench Coat in Black

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Trench coat shopping is one of my biggest nightmare. It’s either too long in length, the fit is awkward, or the length of the sleeves were always too long. I’m about 4’10”, and wearing coats that past my waist makes me look even shorter. Back in January I decided to give Burberry trench coat a try as well as to treat myself to a nice birthday gift.

When I went in, of course they questioned my age (not literally) by giving me weird stares and a hesitant “hello,” but I’m happy I didn’t get any rude sales associates. The SA that helped me was very nice, and she took my height into consideration and was very patient with me. I was interested in buying The Chelsea – Heritage Trench Coat in black since I love wearing white, grey, and black. I never knew they came in 4 sizes (shown below) – short, mid, long, x-long.

The SA brought out three different length coats for me to try on and see which I like better. Of course being 4’10, I instantly loved the short length on me the most. But then, I noticed that the sleeve was too long and was ready to ruled this coat out too. The SA noticed me staring at the sleeves, and told me I can get the sleeves altered for free.

I ended up buying the coat in size 0 for some extra space in case I want to layer my outfits. This is my very first trench coat ever and it did not look too big or boxy, and the length stops mid-thigh. As for the length of the sleeves, about 3-4 inches were cut-off. Yes, I’m very small and I could have purchased the kids size Burberry Trench if I wanted to haha. I fit into Kids size 14 or 16 depending on the store.

Overall, I have never felt so comfortable wearing a trench coat before. Most of my coats ends up going to my mom because she’s taller than me. For the four months I’ve had this coat, I felt so confident wearing this coat out in casual attire, business casual, and for dressy occasions. I don’t feel like I’m trying to play dress-up because I get mistaken as a 14-18 year very often. Even with make-up and ‘grown-up’ clothes, I still get asked “when are you graduating high school?” This coat is definitely my confidence booster. I might consider buying this coat in the color stone or honey sometime in the future. For now, black is my go-to color for coats.

My size for reference – Height: 4’10 1/2 (149 cm) | Waist: 23-24 inches

Coat Length: short – 75 cm | 29.5 inches

Coat color: Black

Work Outfit – Coat: Burberry  size 0 | Knit Top: Abercrombie size XS | Bottoms: Uniqlo size XXS| Heels: Steve Madden size 5

When I went to Boston, this was one of my go-to coats. The weather that week of my visit was about 48-52 degrees fahrenheit, and this coat kept me warm.

At the Boston Public Garden with Mrs. Mallard & her 8 ducklings – Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, & Quack.

– Cindy


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