Wedding Guest Outfit + Traditional Cambodian Wedding Ceremony


Last weekend, my best friend since middle school got married. She had two weddings, and the one I attended was her traditional Cambodian (Khmer) wedding ceremony. I haven’t been to a traditional Khmer wedding since I was 9 when my aunt got married, so it was pretty hard figuring out the appropriate attire. I decided to wear this mock one-piece water-color flower dress from Liz Liza. I ordered this dress from Tokyo Otaku Mode because the main Liz Lisa website, Tokyo Kawaii Life, no longer sells it. This dress runs pretty small so it’s perfect for petites. I’m 4’10, and the length stops right above my knees. I love dresses that looks like a two-piece because it saves me a lot of time when deciding on what to wear.

Liz Lisa Dress: One-size | Total Length: 32.4 inches or 84.2 cm

I wore this dress with pearl earrings, silver necklace, and a mint blue Rebecca Minkoff bag that I borrowed from my sister. This purse is pretty long in length when worn just on the shoulder (short people problem), so I wore it as a cross-body bag during the wedding.

Heels from Yesstyle: size 4.5 | Watch: CLUSE | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (similar color here)


The wedding was planned to start at 8 a.m. and end around 1-2 p.m., but it was pushed back and started at 9:30 a.m. The traditional ceremony takes place at the bride’s house (or bride’s parents’ house), and the set-up is gorgeous. The first ceremony is the exchanging of the rings, and there were 30 trays of fruits, pastries, and vegetables (see images below). The goodies are considered as a dowry from the groom, so as the ceremony started, the host gives the guest the trays and we all line up in pairs of the food (for example there’s 2 trays of apples, 2 trays of rice cakes) behind the groom and parade over to the house to call the bride out. There was about 2-4 more ceremonies after this first one, but I wasn’t able to get many photos. I love the outfits, my friend had a total of 5 traditional outfits that she had to change into for each occasion! Overall, this was a great experience and it makes me want to do a traditional wedding ceremony when I get married.

– Cindy


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