Figure Skating: A love-hate relationship

We do jumps and spins, not tricks and twirls.

When I medal at an event, I was told it still wasn’t good enough. When I skated a clean program, there was no congrats, I was lectured – shoulders wasn’t square enough, sit-spins wasn’t low enough, toes weren’t pointed enough. It lowered my self-esteem, and I started to blame myself. Eight years ago, I quit competitive figure skating. At that time, it was an easy decision – I grew to hate the sport. But after months and years, I miss it so much. The sound of your blade carving into the ice, and the adrenaline when stepping onto the ice to take your 6 minute warm-up prior to your program. Figure skating taught me so many things about life – dedication, courage, and self-discipline.

I don’t regret my decision, but every now and then, a small voice in my head tells me that I was being selfish. I started craving for a normal life – make friends in school, being able to do after school activities/clubs. Instead, I had a hectic schedule waking up at 4:30-5:00 a.m. everyday. Going to school, and skating about 25-35 hours per week. Sacrificing family time, as well as a normal middle school and high school social life. But that’s the weird thing, no matter how much you try to get away from the sport, it’s still a part of you. I never thought that I would still go back to the ice rink every now and then, watch my old competition videos, and watch every international competition on TV/Ice Network. I still love and support the sport despite all the sacrifice that was made throughout my childhood. When asked if figure skating is my favorite sport, my response is, “yes, but it’s a love-hate relationship.

– Stories By Cindy

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