Anime Expo 2017 Photo Diary + Video


On June 30 to July 4, I volunteered at Anime Expo (AX) in the Press Relations department. It was a very busy schedule but I was still able to find time to cosplay and going around the exhibit hall to shop. This year AX 2017, there was about six world premieres – CardCaptor Sakura Prologue, Tokyo Ghoul Live Action, Welcome to the Ballroom, etc. There was more screenings, panels, and concerts, and the convention site extended to the JW Marriot by the LA Live for even more space. AX 2017 was fun and tiring, and it was tough going back to work on July 5th. I’ve been cosplaying for about 5 years now, and I felt that each year I’m improving my makeup, wig styling, and costume details (read about my first cosplay experience here). Here are some photos I’ve taken at AX 2017 located at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Day 1: A crowd waiting to get into the Exhibit Hall after the Ribbon Cutting

Lemon and Sugar from “Lemon & Sugar” present for the ribbon cutting.


Japan LA set up a Rilakkuma Booth along with a Rilakkuma Cafe for attendees to take photos
A small gift for attendees who attended the Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc Prologue World Premiere
Cybird’s Ikemen Series 
AX Merchandise Booth
Photo with Japanese Cosplayer Hiroto at Cybird’s Booth| Hiroto cosplaying as Ikemen Series – Midnight Cinderella’s Nico.

AX Cosplay Sets located at the Entertainment Hall
AX Cosplay Sets located at the Entertainment Hall
AX Cosplay Sets located at the Entertainment Hall
AX Cosplay Sets located at the Entertainment Hall
Photo with Kakashi-Sensei from Naruto
Saber from Fate/Stay Night
Full Metal Alchemist

Below are some of my purchases from the Exhibit Hall. Honestly, I spent most of my time in the Exhibit at three booths – Cybird: Ikemen Series, Idea Factory International, & one booth at the Artist Alley. When exhibit halls opens or when I get get off shift, I would walk over to one of these three booths first and spend about 2 hours there.

Day 4: My face is kinda swollen from lack of sleep, and eating about only one meal a day.
Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Limited Edition

I spent way too much time at Cybird’s Booth
My sister bought me this Honoka Nendoroid from Good Smile booth.
Back to work on July 5th



– Cindy


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