Common Questions Twins Get Asked All the Time

A while back, I was asked some “twin” questions by friends, and co-workers. After talking about it with my identical twin sister (Wendy), we realized that we still get questions that ranges from normal to outright ridiculous. Here are some frequently asked questions that we usually get from friends, co-workers, and relatives.

Have you guys ever switched places when you were in High School/College? 

No, we did not. I know some twins who did switched places. But for my sister and I, we have subjects that we’re better at. For example, in High School I was better at English, Math, and Physics while my sister was better than me in Biology and Chemistry. When we attended college, she majored in Business while I majored in Communication. Switching places would give us so much anxiety because we would be constantly worrying about what might happened.

Do you do the freaky twin thing? Like answering at the exact same time.

One time, someone asked my sister and I if we do the “freaky twin thing” and followed up with, “when is your birthday?” We both obviously have the same birthday, so we both naturally gave an answer at the same time since the question was directed at both of us. They were astonished by our response and said, “that was freaky.” If we both know the answer to something, and you ask both of us at the same time, you’re going to get two same answers at once.

Do you two always finish each other’s sentences?

Not always. But when we do, it’s because we are both well-informed of the given topic, or we just have the same interest. For example, we both used to do competitive figure skating so we know all the technical rules and regulations of the sport, and as a result we are more likely to finish off each other’s sentences. Because of this, it usually leads to the next question of-

Can you read each other’s thoughts?

Every time we’re asked this, we respond with “are you kidding me?” But they’re actually serious about this question haha. No, we can’t read one another’s thoughts. Even if we can, we would probably get even more annoyed of each other.

If one of you gets hurt (physically), does the other one feels it too?

If we’re in separate locations, no. If we’re next to each other, no. But if my sister sees me crying because I’m hurt (emotionally), she will start crying too. Not because it’s a ‘twin thing,’ but because we’re seeing our sibling/relative in emotional pain.

Do you to do EVERYTHING together?

We get asked this because we’re often getting food or going grocery shopping together. We live in the same apartment, so I don’t just grab my keys and leave. I tell her I’m going grocery shopping and asks if she would like to tag along. Also, we do have some mutual friends. If they invite us both out, we’re going to be together unless one of us decides not to go. Other times, we’re off doing our own thing. Growing up, we actually hated one another (no one believes us), so it’s nice that we’re getting along and spending more time together.

Who is the smarter twin, and who is the dumb twin?

If you ask us this, we seriously get upset only because back in middle school there was a teacher who would ask us this in front of the entire class. And when one of us gets ONE point higher or lower than the other, that teacher would label us as the smart or dumb twin. We both have our favorite subject and interests. Just because we both (as twins) were not getting the exact same scores does not give anyone the right to label us as smart or dumb. I hate biology, not because I’m bad it, but because I just have no interest in it (cough* sister did my homework). Biology is an easy A for my sister haha.

Do you two prank people?

This question is pretty similar to the question about switching places, but we have prank people. We have a signature prank where we pretend to be cousins – “We’re not twins, we’re cousins.” Some people actually believed us for about 3 months to a year! It was hilarious, but they were pretty upset at us after finding out we were twins. Honestly, I was surprised that they fell for it because we’re identical twins, and have hinted that we have the same birthday, we lived with each other, our middle name is different by 2 letters, and we have the same last name. Best prank ever.

– Cindy

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