Ramen, Beef & Rice Bowl, + Matcha Ice Cream with Red Bean & Mochi

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As the weather is cooling down, one of my favorite food to eat during the fall/winter is Japanese ramen. I prefer going out to eat ramen around this time of year because my usual go-to ramen restaurants are small, cramped, and usually crowded. During summer, these ramen shops gets pretty hot inside, so fall/winter is ideal for me. I’ve been eating at Hakata Shin-Sen-Gumi Ramen ever since I entered college, and every time my sister and I went in the evening, the staff recognized us right away – we used to go 2-3 times a month up until before we graduated. The last time I went to Shinsengumi was back in May of 2016 after attending The GazettE Concert.

On this day, I went during lunch, and ordered my favorite J Set meal which comes with a regular size ramen, and Beef & Rice Bowl. I also ordered a poach egg and spicy miso paste as an add-on to my ramen.

The ramen is tasty, but I’ve had better ramen after trying out another restaurants’ ramen. A lot of people say, Shin-Sen-Gumi is overhyped, and it is. But, this place holds a lot of memories throughout my college experience. I went with my sister and friends, and we end up talking about how we used to go crazy and order 1-2 extra noodles (the most I did was 2) after finishing our first serving. Another friend of mine did 6 extra noodles servings once!

After lunch, my sister and I decided to stop by a grocery market to grab some ingredients we forgot to buy. While shopping, we found matcha ice cream with sweet azuki bean (red bean) and soft mochi.

Match flavored ice cream with a thin layer of sweet bean paste, and 5 pieces of mochi. Overall, it’s okay. The ice cream is very soft, and the red bean and mochi is soft and sweet. My only problem was that the matcha ice cream was way too bitter! I struggled to finish this. My sister on the other hand loves it. She didn’t think it was bitter at all…

– Cindy

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