Another Sunday: Cooking & Eating

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Sunday is a day where I like to relax and be lazy before the start of the work week. With the exception of grocery shopping, I don’t like going out too much on Sundays. It’s a day where I get to lounge around my apartment all day in my pajamas, cooking and spoiling my dog. I usually try to do all my errands, and catching up with friends on Saturday. Now that I’ve done all that, it’s time to relax.

Having to wake up Monday thru Friday at 6 am everyday can be exhausting. This past Saturday, I also woke up at 6 am because my dog’s grooming appointment was at 7 am – I don’t know why I chose that time. Today, I finally slept in until 9 am. I woke up with my stomach growling as well as a Maltese sleeping on my stomach haha. So, for breakfast I decided to make some eggs, sausages, rice, a small salad, and miso soup.

I know it’s weird having a salad in the morning, but I’m trying to eat healthier so why not add whatever kind of vegetables I have to my meal :). This bowl of salad has shredded cabbages, chopped lettuce, carrots, bell peppers, celery, and 2 grape tomatoes.

I’m also using ginger salad dressing for my salad.

Some miso soup with my breakfast. Miso soup contains many health and beauty benefits, and you can find a variety of miso paste at your local Asian market.

My sister cooked braised pork belly for work tomorrow, and since she had some extra pork belly, I decided to make some simple grilled pork with rice and cucumbers for lunch.

I did not seasoned my pork belly because we’re going to dip our meat with this seasoned fermented soy bean paste.

We asked our friend to come over today because our dog recently got a haircut haha. After chatting for a while, her stomach starting growling loud. So, we walked about 5 minutes down the street to a sushi restaurant. It’s a good thing that she came over, I got to stretch my legs a bit and get some fresh air then just staying indoors all-day long. Usually, I order a Salmon Sashimi Bowl. But today, I felt a little adventurous, so I decided to order a Fried Salmon Skin Rice Bowl.

I decided to opt out the pickled jalapeno because it’s already topped with spicy mayo. It is also topped with toasted coconut which adds a slightly sweet taste to balance out the salted salmon skin. The salmon skin was delicious and crispy, but I wouldn’t get this all the time because it’s a very heavy and oily meal. Even though the salmon skin is layered on top a bed of spinach, you still get some of the remaining oil onto the rice. I’ll stick to the salmon sashimi bowl.

– Cindy

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