Mushroom Eggs Benedict & Cafe Latte

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Sometimes, catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee and good food is the best way to de-stress. On this day, I decided to go to Aroma Craft Cafe with one of my good friend. We went right when it opened (at 10 a.m.) because this small little coffee shop gets pack quickly, even on a weekday.

This unique coffee shop has an industrial look with rustic style lighting and furniture.

I ordered a Mushroom Eggs Benedict, and Cafe Latte.

Their handcrafted trays has a unique message that states:

“Take a deep breath, clear your mind and enjoy the Aroma Craft Coffee experience. Take a sip of our handcrafted beverage that was personally prepared just for you. Our model is simple; we believe in quality over profits, and honesty over hype. We remember your name, your preference, and where our conversation left off. Turn off your phones and enjoy this moment with us.”

My friend ordered Jasmine Green Tea, and Salmon Eggs Benedict. Overall, everything tasted great. The mushrooms from the Eggs Benedict had so much flavor that it left me craving for more. The latte really hit the spot, especially after drinking instant coffee everyday at work for the past couple of weeks.

– Cindy

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