2017 Highlights + Happy New Year 2018!


2017 was another wonderful year with great happy memories! Here are some of my best moments of 2017 🙂



  • Birthday celebration with Disneyland’s Afternoon Tea
  • Meeting One Ok Rock
  • Attending Pixar Exhibition at the Los Angeles Science Center

February to March:


  • I also had some amazing Middle Eastern food for the first time



  • Celebrated Cambodian New Year at the Temple with family
  • I went to Boston, MA to visit my aunt and grandma for the first time
  • I also started this blog in April of 2017 🙂


  • Went to Titan Con 2017 in Fullerton, CA, and cosplay as Tomoyo Daidouji from Cardcaptor Sakura



  • Tried Philz Coffee and Shake Shack for the first time



July to August:



  • I went to 626 Night Market, and ate some delicious takoyaki and almost burning my tongue



  • I attended a conference for work in Las Vegas, NV. It was my first time staying at Bally’s Resort & Casino



  • I went to Curry House in Little Tokyo to try the Gudetama Curry
  • I cosplayed as Umaru from Himouto! Umaru-Chan for Halloween



  • Took my dog on campus for a walk, and developed my first film roll



  • Christmas party and movie night with the girls
  • Kbbq/Hot Pot lunch with with boys

That was my highlight of 2017. I’m very thankful to all those who made 2017 a wonderful year. Also, this blog was started in 2017, and it has helped me document all my memories throughout the year. I hope 2018 will be just as great! Here’s to a wonderful new year!

Happy New Year!

– Cindy


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