Anime Expo 2018 Photo Diary

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On July 5-8, Anime Expo 2018 (AX18) welcomes anime and manga fans to the Los Angeles Convention Center in California. This is my 9th year attending Anime Expo, as well as my 3rd year volunteering with the Press Relations department. Although, I had a very busy schedule, I was still able to cosplay on day 1, and shop in the exhibit hall before noon each day. I felt like I barely slept throughout the 4-day event, so it was very tough going back to work on Monday. Here are some photos I’ve taken at AX18:

Umaru Cosplay | Anime: Himouto! Umaru-chan

Of course, I stopped by the Ikemen Series booth by Cybird.

– Cindy

1 comments on “Anime Expo 2018 Photo Diary”

  1. Oh wow this is so cool! There’s loads of events like this in Singapore, but I’ve been hesitant to go because of the crowds and also because I don’t watch alot of anime! I hope you had a great time though! x

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