Work Outfit: Polka Dots & Rose skort

Since summer is approaching, I’ve been wanting to wear more skirts, shorts and dresses. Today is about 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Los Angeles, so I wanted to wear something light since I walk around the corporate building during break to get some exercise in. The skort, or sukupan, I’m wearing is from the Japanese brand Liz Lisa. I like how it’s high-waisted, and it gives off a skirt-like appearance. I wasn’t sure how to style this piece, so I decided to pair it with a white collar button-up shirt, grey cardigan, and some brown flats. I originally wanted to wear this outfit with some grey or beige heels, but I can’t because I was clumsy and got a cut on my foot. To match with my brown flats, I’m using my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25.

Work outfit: 05/03/17 | Top: Uniqlo | Bottom: Liz Lisa | Cardigan: Forever21 | Shoes: Michael Kors

– Cindy


Work Outfit: Not So Mini, Mini Skirt

Mini pencil skirt is a great alternative for ladies under 5 feet who are looking for work outfits. At 4’10, I struggle with finding skirts that are at the perfect length. But I noticed that most mini skirts are actually the perfect length on me. Mini skirts, and mini dresses, usually stops above my knees or below my mid-thighs. I bought this skirt from Uniqlo last winter because I thought I could wear it casually out to lunch or dinner with friends. But after a few uses, I realized that it can also work for business casual attires. Today, I wore it with a white lace-up crop top T-shirt from Romwe, grey heels, and a gray cardigan.

Work ootd: 05/02/17 | Top: Romwe | Skirt: Uniqlo | Cardigan: Forever21 | Heels: Yesstyle

– Cindy


Titan Con 2017 Cosplay: Tomoyo Daidouji

Cosplaying and attending anime conventions is one of my favorite hobbies. I love being able to dress up as my favorite character and take pictures of other cosplayers. Since 2013, I have always cosplay as Sakura Kimonoto from Cardcaptor Sakura. For Titan Con, I decided to go as Sakura’s best friend, Tomoyo Daidouji. Since this was a last minute decision to attend, I decided to go for something simple.

Tomoyo is an elementary school girl in the anime, so my height at 4’10 and my baby face worked out for this school girl cosplay. Here are a few photos from Titan Con 2017.


– Cindy

Uniqlo Alteration Service Experience

When you’re 4’10, it’s a struggle finding pants that fit properly. I’ve tried pants from stores ranging from low-end to high-end, and each time I struggle with the length and fit. Earlier this year when I was buying some more legging pants from Uniqlo (Costa Mesa Location), their XXS (22-23 inch waist) fitted perfectly as always. But the length of the pants were always too long, and I usually have to fold them. While in the fitting room, I noticed a sign on their fitting room door that they do free alteration. Since I usually buy clothes from Uniqlo online, I never knew they offer this service. I asked the sales associate and they gave me more information about it. Here is a quick summary of their in-store process:

  1. Try-on the pants and fold the bottom of your pants up to the length you desire.
  2. Come out of the fitting room and the sales associate will pin it down.
  3. After change back, and if you decide to grab another pair of pants (exact same one) and want it altered, no need to try it on again. They will go off the measurements of the pants that was pinned.
  4. Go to the register and pay. Tell them you want to do the alteration and they will give you an estimated time for pick-up.
  5. Then bring your receipt and pants to the alteration room.

Since it was same day pick-up, I shopped around and went back to Uniqlo after an hour (estimated pick-up time). I’m happy to have bottoms that actually fit properly and give off a clean look. I no longer have to fold the bottom of my pants or roll it up. Because of the fit, my co-workers all thought these were normal business wear pants until I told them it was leggings.

Business casual work outfit: 04/27/17 | Top: Forever21 size XS | Bottom: Uniqlo legging size XXS| Shoes: Yesstyle size 4 1/2

– Cindy

Boston 2017 Photo Diary

Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip to Boston, Massachusetts. It was my sister and I first time in the east coast, and it was an amazing experience. We stayed with our Aunt who was more than happy to give us a tour around Boston. I fell in love with the city and would visit again. I visited the week of April 17 to April 22. The weather ranged between 48 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit. As a person who grew up in California her entire life, I am never complaining about California’s ‘cold’ weather ever again.



– Cindy