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LA Grilled Cheese Pork Ribs + Fried Rice

Mister Bossam is a Korean restaurant known for their LA Grilled Cheese Pork Ribs. I’ve been wanting to try this for some time now, but I heard that the portion is big. So, this past weekend, I went with my sister and four other friends to try it out. There are two locations – one in Korea Town in Downtown Los Angeles, and the other in Rowland Heights, CA. We decided to go to the Rowland Heights location because Downtown LA is too crowded, and we might have to pay for parking.

They’re missing an ‘e’ in cheese…


We arrived around 1 pm on a Sunday, and surprisingly it wasn’t too busy. There was only 1-2 other party seated on the other side of the restaurant. This location is in the ‘Yes Plaza’ in Rowland Heights, and usually you have to spend some time looking for parking. Since it was Labor Day weekend, the plaza wasn’t pack and it was easy getting a parking spot.

After being seated, we asked the servers what the serving size is for the Grilled Cheese Pork Ribs, and they said it serves two people. Since there was six of us, we did two orders of the Grilled Cheese Pork Ribs (mild), and a Seafood and Green Onion Pancake. Continue reading “LA Grilled Cheese Pork Ribs + Fried Rice”

Japanese Hamburger Steak

This past weekend, I was craving hamburger steak, so I decided to go to a Japanese restaurant called Midoh Japanese Kitchen in Rowland Heights. When you hear ‘Japanese Restaurant,’ most people assume it’s sushi. This restaurant, however, doesn’t sell sushi – they have Hamburger Steak, Tonkatsu dishes, Curry, Udon, and many more. There was a long wait because they were short on staff, but in the meantime, it’s nice to watch some Hayao Miyazaki movies while you wait.

Their Hamburger Steak comes in the hot skillet during dinner time. I went to Midoh for lunch, so it’s served on a normal plate. The patty is made of pork and beef, and cooked well-done. It comes with rice, and some potato wedges, steamed carrots, and string beans on the side. You also get a small salad, and your choice of miso soup or corn soup. You also have four different sauces to choose from – Demi-glace, Onion, Teriyaki, and Ponzu. I went with the ponzu sauce. 

– Cindy